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Take a Holistic Bite Out of Dentistry for Women  4 sample tips from Take a Holistic BITE Out of Dentistry for Women

24 Get back to normal. You will need to rehydrate yourself after sitting in the dental chair. Immediately following your dental visit, drink two glasses of water. If you've had a local anesthetic, take 500-1000 mg of vitamin C. The vitamin C will speed up the numbness going away. It is better to take something for pain before your sensation returns.

25 Go the distance. Women with bad gums are at risk of preterm deliveries and having babies with low birth weights. Get your teeth cleaned and free of infection before you get pregnant. Commit to dental hygiene, good diet, exercise, rest and a healthy outlook.
26 Prevent a breakdown. Take those prenatal vitamins and minerals early and throughout your pregnancy.When the fetus is only five weeks old, tooth buds appear. New teeth as well as different parts of the teeth continue to develop all through pregnancy.The baby's growing needs for calcium in bone and teeth will come at your expense, so eat right, take your supplements and save your own teeth from dissolving.

27 Plan for the future. Take tetracycline only if absolutely necessary when pregnant or nursing. Tetracycline, a frequently prescribed antibiotic, crosses the placenta and is secreted in the saliva and the milk of lactating women.The drug is stored in the unerupted developing teeth of the fetus and nursing babies. And when those teeth erupt (some may be adult teeth), they have permanent stains, ranging from yellow to brown or gray to black.


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