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Oral Health Promotion Newsletter from OraMedica Helps Reduce Medical Claims and Improve Workplace Wellness
New bimonthly health e-newsletter focuses on dental conditions associated with systemic health problems to help reduce healthcare costs
Emediawire -- Nov 27, 2007 --

Muncy Valley, Penn.– November 19, 2007 – OraMedica International, LLC today announced the launch of a workplace health promotion e-newsletter for directors and coordinators of employee health. The newsletter, “Dental Health Matters,” provides clear and concise information for staff educators about dental-systemic health connections that can help improve employee health and productivity.

The health risks from oral infections, dental trauma, missing teeth, and bite imbalances are not widely known or understood. This puts the employee who wishes to improve health and vitality at a disadvantage. Employers may be paying needlessly for lost work days, disability, and rising premiums from insurance use.

Incorporating information from “Dental Health Matters” into health initiatives that focus on nutrition, fitness, weight management, smoking cessation, stress management, and employee safety not only reduces health risks, but remains valuable throughout the lifetime of a diverse and multigenerational workforce. For more information, see the white paper “The Value of Dental Health in Wellness Coaching and Health Promotion.”

Another health promotion tool that OraMedica offers at no cost to wellness coordinators is the employee E-Booklet “Take a Holistic Bite Out of Gum Disease- 60 Tips to Protect and Support Total Health,” which can be uploaded to the company intranet. And because health and wellness go hand in hand with healthy living products and services, OraMedica has developed a dental wellness consumer site:  Dr. Andrea Brockman, president of OraMedica, says, “Employers have an opportunity to play a very important role in reversing the healthcare crisis. Engaging employees in oral health education helps individuals make informed decisions regarding their total health and wellbeing.”

About OraMedica International
OraMedica International, LLC ( is a dental health and wellness company that provides dental-systemic health educational products, programming, and insurance strategies for large and small businesses, non-profit organizations, and professional practices to lower healthcare costs and increase productivity in the workplace. Their mission is to provide their clients with the most useful integrative and holistic health information, resources, and insight for responsible health choices. 

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