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Strengthen Workplace Wellness Programs with Free Oral Health Tips E-Booklets from OraMedica International
Oral health tips designed to improve employees’ long-term health while reducing employers' healthcare costs
PRweb -- Nov 6, 2007 --

MUNCY VALLEY, PA / November 6, 2007 - OraMedica International, LLC announced today the availability of oral links to systemic health-tips E-Booklets for employees, designed to improve the long-term health of the workforce while reducing employers' healthcare costs.

The easy-to-read oral health tips E-Booklet, “Take a Holistic Bite Out of Gum Disease” is free to employers as a PDF download. The E-Booklet is a practical and cost efficient way to improve overall employee health status and help control company expenses.

Incorporating dental health education into workplace wellness promotion notably mitigates the risks for heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications, cancer, and pain. Wellness coordinators who understand and support the dental-systemic health links impart significant dollar savings in employee health costs, absenteeism, healthcare premiums, workers’ compensation, and other healthcare-related expenditures.

“Employers should recognize that anything that helps maintain health and detects potential health problems before they occur—and that includes dental conditions–keeps employees healthy and on the job,” says Dr. Andrea Brockman, president of OraMedica International. “The tips in this E-Booklet not only can improve employee oral health but can actually help prevent costly medical treatment and lost work days.”

The incorporation of dental connections to systemic health, a missing link in wellness and disease management programs, causes ripples throughout all wellness initiatives. Advocates for health and wellness who seek better employee compliance in their programs will appreciate the reinforcement of healthy lifestyles, smoking cessation, nutrition, stress management, and fitness -- all contributors to the state of one’s oral health.

Placed into the company’s intranet or given as a link to employees for their home PC, “Take a Holistic Bite Out of Gum Disease” is an effective and engaging way to deliver important health information as well as resource links to natural products and services. No special employee incentives are necessary for compliance. For most, staying out of the dental chair and avoiding costly treatment is a motivator to refer to these easy to access health promoting tips.

OraMedica firmly believes that oral health awareness and timely dental treatment help reduce company healthcare costs. Promoters of workplace wellness immediately see the relevance and recognize the significance to employee attendance and productivity. Even in the absence of dental insurance benefits, these E-Booklet dental health tips help to reduce the number of sick days and production loss due to employee dental problems or illness.

About OraMedica International

OraMedica International, LLC ( is a dental health and wellness company that provides consumer dental advocacy educational products, programming, and insurance strategies for large and small businesses, non-profit organizations, and professional practices to lower healthcare costs and increase productivity in the workplace.

Their mission is to provide their clients with the most useful integrative and holistic health information, resources, and insight for responsible health choices.  OraMedica is able to supply Holistic Health Tips E-Booklets free to employers through the contributions of their sponsors.

The E-Booklet "Take a Holistic Bite Out of Gum Disease" is a free PDF download for company intranets consisting of easy-to-read tips for better systemic-oral health. OraMedica is able to supply Holistic Health Tips E-Booklets free to employers through the contributions of their sponsors. To help with healthcare costs from chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pregnancy complications, allergies, pain, and stress, OraMedica has developed the HealthyGates Dental Resource Manual for employees that relates dental status to nutrition, weight, immune health, energy levels, communication, and self esteem. Designed to improve dental and overall health through knowledge and personal responsibility, this series of E-Books are invaluable reference guides for dental procedures, treatment alternatives, risks, and benefits, preventive measures, costs of treatment, and affects on total health.

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