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27-Nov-07 Oral Health Promotion Newsletter from OraMedica Helps Reduce Medical Claims and Improve Workplace Wellness

To help employers with managing healthcare costs and improving workforce health and attendance, our company has introduced a bimonthly newsletter for wellness directors called “Dental Health Matters” that can be distributed to employees at no cost to the company.

06-Nov-07 Strengthen Workplace Wellness Programs with Free Oral Health Tips E-Booklets from OraMedica International

The impact of employee oral –systemic health problems is costing companies billions in medical expenditures and lost productivity. To help employers with managing healthcare costs, our company has introduced a free oral health tips E-Booklet called “Take a Holistic Bite Out of Gum Disease” to incorporate into their wellness and disease management programs or company intranet. The following press release provides details on this free download which your company may find valuable.

22-Mar-07 Women’s Health and Wellness: Dental Tips Booklets Help Employers with Disease Management and Health Care Costs

Statistics are coming out that heart disease is the #1 cause of death in American females and the US government considers gum disease to be a greater risk factor for heart attack than high cholesterol. Dental health tips booklets for women helps employers to contain healthcare costs and improve health, wellness, and productivity in the workplace.

15-Feb-07 OraMedica Helps Workforce Avoid Chronic Health Conditions with New Dental Health Risk Assessment

OraMedica has created a dental health risk assessment tool for employees that identifies oral signs and symptoms relating to chronic health problems. This assessment tool can help lower health care costs by preserving low-risk populations and funneling those at risk into wellness initiatives.

25-Jan-07 Study: We’re not nearly as healthy as we think we are
It’s important employees know their actual health risks.
18-Jan-07 OraMedica International Takes a Bite Out of Gum Disease with Oral Health Booklets for Employees

Easy-to-read informative booklets that explain gum disease and the connections to an individual’s general health are now available for companies to offer employees as part of their health and wellness initiatives.

11-Jan-07 Oral health directly linked to chronic conditions
As medical treatment for chronic health conditions drives health insurance premiums, it is increasingly clear that poor oral health is linked directly to chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and pre-term births.
11-Jan-07 Dental Health Advocacy Approach is Needed to Rein in Runaway Healthcare Costs, Says Report by OraMedica International

A new whitepaper discusses how paying attention to employee dental hygiene can help rein in runaway healthcare costs. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently ran a story on the evidence linking oral health and disease prevention (September 24, 2006 WSJ).

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