Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) Information
A Viable Consumer Driven Health Care Option

• A medical expense reimbursement plan is an employee fringe benefit which can provide you and your employees with a significant tax break.  Under a plan, the eligible employee is reimbursed by your company for out of pocket medical expenses.  The plan provides a tax free benefit, so that medical expenses can be paid for with “before tax” dollars

• With an MERP, you as the corporation, can purchase a group insurance plan and establish a reimbursement plan that pays for everything else. (deductibles, co-payments, and even uninsured “health related expenses”.) Reimbursements are not taxable income for the employee and are fully deductible by the corporation.

• An MERP offers unlimited flexibility including control over eligibility requirements, qualifying expenses and reimbursement maximums

• A MERP is a self funded deductible account that enables employers to purchase high deductible health insurance policies and self insure portions of employee expenses.  This self funded portion is tax deductible. 

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