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Is this you?

" I need dental work but I can't afford it.  My insurance doesn't cover all my expenses"

 "I am paying through the nose for my health insurance and don't even feel like I am getting my money's worth!"
"Even though I have insurance, it still costs me so much and I barely use it!"
"My insurance plan does not cover me for many of the alternative medical procedures that I would like to try!"

" Insurance premiums are getting higher and higher and covering less and less; and my co-pays keep going up!"

If you are fed up with:

  • Increased co-payments
  • Noncovered services
  • Higher premium contributions for less coverage

Here is a more attractive option that will help get you the healthcare you need at a price you can afford.

Medical and Health Savings Accounts Empower You to Have Greater Control over Your Health Care Decisions
  • Lower insurance premiums so less out of pocket expenses
  • Choice of doctors
  • Access to services that may not normally be covered by your traditional medical plans such as: 

Dental Vision Chiropractic
Supplements Over the Counter Drugs ...and much more

  • Comprehensive benefits plus a savings plan cover other qualified expenses
    • Contributions are tax deductible and support your retirement plan strategy just like an IRA
    • Distributions are tax free
    • Interest is tax deferred
    • Funds accumulate for future medical or dental expenses
  • Employers may contribute to the Health Savings Account
    • Income is excluded from your gross income
    • Provides you with lower taxable income
  • Expenditures accessed from your savings account via credit/debit card or checks
  • Funds roll over to your next place of employment (Depending on the plan)


  • Gives you choices about your health care
  • Flexibility and freedom in spending your health care dollars
  • Pay less out of pocket for health insurance premiums
  • Funds accumulate over time building a nest egg for future health care needs
    • Tax advantaged
    • Earn interest
    • Are portable
  • You'll have an incentive to live a healthier lifestyle because you'll see your health savings account grow.
  • Learn More about HSA's

Our experts in Consumer Driven Health Care will help you.

Please click here for information your employer needs to know about consumer driven healthcare options and solutions.

Don't Let Health Care Costs Wipe Out All Your Assets

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