HealthyGates E-Book Vol 8
Table of Contents

Prepare Yourself for Dental Treatment and Receive the Greatest Benefits

  1. Comfort and Stress Relief
    1. Neck Pillow
    2. Sunglasses
    3. Audio
    4. Video
    5. Aromatherapy
    6. Breathing
    7. Medications
    8. Rescue Remedy
    9. Guided Imagery
    10. Hydration
    11. Things to Avoid
  2. Treatment Plan Presentation
  3. Request Answers to Your Treatment Questions


    1. How should I prepare for this treatment?
    2. Why do I need this treatment?
    3. What might happen if I delay or avoid this treatment?
    4. Are there any other treatment options? If so, describe them:
    5. Where will the treatment be done (hospital or other location)?
    6. How is the treatment done?
    7. What is the name of the treatment?
    8. What is the next step if this treatment doesn't work?
    9. Is the treatment painful?
    10. What are the risks associated with this treatment?
  4. Reminder
    1. Ask for more information about the treatment.
    2. Ask about a second opinion.
    3. Ask how much the treatment will cost and if there are ways to reduce the costs.
    4. State any concerns you have about having the treatment.
    5. Who will do the treatment
    6. How much experience does the healthprofessional have in doing this treatment?
    7. What effects are expected after the treatment?
    8. What complications might develop (both immediate and long-term)?
    9. How successful is this treatment?
    10. Will the treatment be done only once or will it be repeated?
  5. Informed Consent
  6. Working with other Health Practitioners
  7. Expectations for Treatment Outcome
  8. Fees
  9. Understanding Dental Insurance
    1. Third party payers
    2. Direct Payment to Dentist
    3. Patient Reimbursement
    4. HMO
    5. Plan Participation
    6. Non-Participating Dentists
    7. Uncovered Procedures
    8. Restrictions and Limitations
    9. Yearly Maximums
    10. Pre-authorization(Predetermination)
    11. Electronic Filing and HIPAA
    12. Dual Coverage
    13. Flexible Spending using Pre-Tax Dollars
    14. Medicare
    15. Medicaid
  10. Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  11. Medical Insurance Coverage for Dental Procedures
  12. Paying for Uncovered Dental Services
    1. Phasing Treatment
    2. Cash
    3. Credit Card
    4. Health Card Credit Line
    5. Loan
    6. Tax benefits
  13. Financial Policy
  14. Warrantees
  15. Appointments
  16. Homecare
  17. Aftercare
  18. Referrals
  19. Doctor Responsibilities
  20. Patient Responsibilities
  21. Dental Patient’s Bill of Rights

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