Dr. Dilorenzo Education

    1976 DDS  Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, PA
    1972 BA Biology   Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
Dental License:
Practice/Work Experience:
2004-present:      T-Horizons, LLC, President; marketing products for healthcare practices
2003-present:     OraMedica International, LLC, CEO; a marketing consulting company for healthcare practices
1979-2003:     Owner/Operator Private Practice in Northwest Philadelphia
1977-1981:     Owner/Operator Private Practice in North Philadelphia

Continuing Education (Dentistry):
Since 1976, numerous continuing education courses including studies in:
•    Periodontal Surgery
•    Implant Dentistry
•    Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy
•    Oral Surgery; Ogram Technique
•    Endodontic
•    Esthetic Dentistry
•    Radiographic Interpretation
•    Body Chemistry
•    Nutrition
•    Practice Management

Continuing Education Courses (Highlights)

• “Clinical Anatomy of the Head and Neck”
Medical College of Georgia
July 31-August 3, 1992
Dr. Mohammed Schawaway

• “Neuromuscular Principles of Occlusion”
Myotronics Educational Institute: September 10-September 12, 1992

• “Joint Vibration Analysis”
Bio Research: January 23, 1993

• “Evaluation and Treatment of Cranio-Mandibular and Cranio Cervical Dysfunctions”
Northeast Seminars: February 14-February 17, 1993
Dr. Mariano Racabado

• “Headache: A Management Approach”
March 12, 1993
Dr. Owen Rogal, Philadelphia

• Mini Residency Program:  120 Hours
“Diagnosis and Treatment of Cranio-Facial Pain”
Pittsburgh Headache Institute: March 1993-December 1993      
Dr. Jack Lynn / Dr. Michael Mazzocco

• “Trigger Point Therapy in Head and Neck Patients”
February 1994
Dr. Owen Rogal, Philadelphia

• “Phase II Therapy Post TMJ Therapy”
April 1994    2 Day Seminar
Dr. Jim Fagan, Atlanta

• “TMJ Disorders and Facial Pain”
May 1994:  2 Day Seminar
Dr. Robert Talley, Norman, Oklahoma

• “Head, Neck and Facial Pain Symposium”
July 1994   2 Day Seminar
American Academy of Head and Neck Facial Pain, Naples, Florida

• “Cranio-Sacral Therapy 1”
September 1994
Upledger Institute Allentown, Pa

• “Handling the Difficult TMJ Patient”
March 2, 1995
Dr. Gerald Smith     Langhorne, Pa.

• “Nutritional Update”
April 1995 Standard Process of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa

• “Myofunctional Therapy”
June 1995  Dr. Dan Garliner        Orlando, FL
“Diet and Stress”
April 1995
INR Seminar   Philadelphia, Pa

• “Risk Management Seminar”
October 1995
CNA Insurance Co.   King of Prussia, Pa.

• “Implant Series- Treatment Planning, Prosthetics and Provisionals”
November 1995 – March 1996      Series of 4 Seminars
Dr. Stephen Brown    Philadelphia,. Pa

• “Mercury Detoxification Certification”
September 1996   2 Day Program
Dr. Paula Bickle      Louisville, KY

• Misch Institute for Implants
January 1997 – September 1997        Phase I and II
Dr. Karl Misch     Detroit, MI

• IAOMT Spring Conference (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
March 13,14,15   1997
Louisville, KY

• “Mercury Detoxification Update”
March 23, 1997
Dr. Paula Bickle Orlando, FL

• “Holistic Dental Association Symposium”
May 25-28, 1997
Seattle, WA

• “Anti Infective Periodontal Therapy”
National Dental Health Foundation
September 12-15, 1997       Reston, VA

• “Blood Chemistry Balancing and Nutrition”  
November 7-9, 1997   
Dr. Craig Zunka, Alexandria, VA

• “Anti Infective Therapy”
November 22-24, 1997
Dr. Craig Zunka        Alexandria, VA

• Mini Residency in Periodontal Surgery
NYU School of Dentistry   Department of Periodontics
January 1998 – September 1998   (60 hours of hands on surgery)
New York, NY

• “Balancing Body Chemistry”      Part 1 of 2
Fordham-Page Clinic, March 6,7,8, 1998  Dr. Ken Fordham    Radnor, Pa

• IAOMT Symposium (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
September 1998, Colorado Springs, CO.

• “Hair Analysis and Nutritional Protocols”
September 25, 26 1998
Dr. David Watts           Alexandria, VA

• “21st Century Endodontics”    2 days seminar
January  1999       Newark, NJ

• Certification: “Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Recertification”
 February 22, 1999       Chestnut Hill,    PA

• “Progressive Composite Dentistry”
April 22, 1999
Dr. Paul Belvedere            Wilkes-Barre, PA

• Mini Residency: “Advanced Cavitational Surgery”   
September 12-15, 1999
Dr. Robert Kulacz       White Plains, NY

• IAOMT Symposium (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
October 9-11, 1999    Atlanta, GA

• “The Art of Oral Surgery”
October 29-30, 1999
Dr. Tom Hales   Newark, NJ

• Mini Residency: “Advanced Cavitational Surgery”
November 15-20 1999
Dr. Chris Hussar   Reno, NV

• “Ogram Technique of Atraumatic Surgery”
December 1999     2 Day program      Dallas, TX

• “Health Options Now”
February 2000    
Dr. Warren Levin   University of Pennsylvania     Philadelphia, PA     

• “Applied Kinesiology Testing”
March 2000
Dr. Florence Hannah      Philadelphia, Pa

• “Practical Periodontics”
May 2000
Dr. Paul Homily    Philadelphia, Pa  

• “Resultant Force Vector Technique”
October 13-15, 2000
Dr. Dan Gole       Grand Rapids, MI

• “Future of Dentistry”
November 2000
Frontiers of Science  Temple University   Philadelphia, Pa

• IAOMT Symposium (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
March 9,10,11, 2001       Las Vegas, NV

• Holistic Dental Association Meeting
May 17,18,19,2001    Miami, FL

• “Clinical Anatomy of the Head and Neck”
Medical College of Georgia
July 13,14,15,16, 2001
Dr. Mohammed Schawaway

• “Cavitat Symposium”
January 4,5 2002     Denver, CO

• Certification: Institute of Natural Dentistry
 January 18-20, 2002      April 26-28, 2002    June 21-23, 2002
Newark, NJ

• “Extraction Site Preservation”
January 22, 2002
Dr. Mark Terry        Wayne, NJ

• “Cercon Crowns”
November 20, 2002       
Colonial Dental Lab       Mt Laurel, NJ

• 3rd Annual Cavitat Conference
January 16-18, 2003
Aurora, CO

• IAOMT Symposium (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
March 25-27, 2004      Arlington, VA

• IAOMT Symposium (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
October 7-9, 2004       Nashville, TN

• Certification: “Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Recertification”
December 18, 2005      Elkins Park,    PA

Business and Marketing Certifications

Certification: “Y2 Marketing Master Consultant”
November 7-16, 2003
Y2 Marketing     Dallas, TX

Mastership: “E-Myth Management Program”
July 2004 – June 2005
Michael Gerber

Certification:  “Mastermind Consultant”
June 2005
Mastermind Inc.         Franklin, TN

Certification:  “Producer for Life, Health and Accident Insurance”
November 2007
State of Pennsylvania        Harrisburg, PA

Professional Memberships
• International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
• International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
• American Association for Health Freedom
• nternational Association for Mercury Free Dentists
• Holistic Dental Association
• Defense Against Mercury Syndrome
• Pennsylvania Coalition for Mercury Free Dentistry

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