Dr. Brockman Publications


Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Health-Conscious Dentistry” (New Visions), February 2007

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Take a Holistic Bite Out of Dentistry for Women- 71 Health and Money-Saving Tips” Copyright 2006 (Also Available on CD)

Brockman DDS, Andrea,“Take a Holistic Bite Out of Dental Visits, 78 Tips to Reduce High Anxiety, Keep You in Control, and Save You a Bundle” Copyright 2006 (Also Available on CD)

Brockman DDS, Andrea, "Take a Holistic Bite Out of Gum Disease-60 Tips to Protect and Support Total Health" Copyright 2006 (Also Available on CD)

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Outclass Your Competition With A Patient Relationship Management Program” (The Profitable Dentist) February, 2006

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Your Authentic Practice Identity Doesn’t Have to Be a Secret Identity” (Townsend Letter) 1 Jan 2005

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “The Great Leap Forward in Marketing Alternative Health” (Townsend Letter) 1 Feb 2005

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Dental Disease – Dental or Medical?” (Townsend Letter) 1 Jun 2005

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Marketing Alternative and Integrative Health” (Townsend Letter) 3 Jul 2005

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Your Mouth, A Mirror of Your Health” (Progressive Health) Fall/Winter 1997 p.5

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Stress, Dentistry and Your Health” (Carolina Health and Healing) Issue no.5, September 2000 p.24

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “The Difference Holistic Dentistry Makes” (Progressive Health) Spring 2000 p.8

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Waking Up in a Polluted World” (Progressive Health) Spring 2001 p.1

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Detoxification: How to Go About It” (Progressive Health) Fall 2001 p.10

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Holistic Dentistry Goes Beyond Pretty Teeth” (Yoga Living) 2002

Brockman DDS, Andrea, “Biohazards and Biocompatibility of Dental Materials” (Integrative Health & Healing) Summer 2002 p.78



“Reining in Runaway Healthcare Costs... A Dental Consumer Advocacy Approach”

“18 Steps to Business Health”

“Cultivating a Health Centered Dental Practice”

“High Yields from Cross Professional Marketing”

“Nurturing Patient Relationships”

“Internal Marketing Strategy- Streamline and Automate Your Patient Follow-up Process”

“Best Opportunity for Cutting Edge Dental and Specialty Practice Expansion”

“Effective Business Growth Strategies for Integrative Health Practices”

“Holistic Marketing Tips”

“The Essence of Marketing”

“Your Fundamental Purpose”

“Cultivate the Marketplace”

“The Lifetime Value of a Patient”

“Lost Revenues and Return on Investment”


Lectures and Presentations

Koren Seminars, Philadelphia, PA “Integrating Dentistry and Chiropractic Health”

International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, Phoenix, AZ “The Irresistible Practice: How to Consistently Get Patient Referrals from Other Professionals and Businesses”

DAMS and Consumers for Dental Choice, Philadelphia, PA “Silver Dental Fillings: An Unacceptable Risk to Children and Pregnant Women”

Holistic Dental Association, Newark, NJ “Holistic Marketing for the Biological Dentist”

Institute for Natural Dentistry, Newark, NJ “Biocompatible Dentistry”

Institute for Natural Dentistry, Newark, NJ “Energy Medicine”

OraMedica International, LLC “Holistic Marketing”; Series of Workshops and Seminars presented Philadelphia, PA, Tampa, Florida, Scottsdale, AZ

Natural Institute of Dentistry, Newark, NJ. Faculty and Lecturer “Holistic Marketing for Integrative Health Practices”

National Women’s Conference, Widener University: Speaker “How Holistic Dentistry Can Effect You”

Holistic Health Conference, Cherry Hill, NJ: Presenter"Dental Health and Integrative Medicine"

Mind, Body, Spirit Expo: Presenter and Lecturer, “Mercury in Dentistry”

Holistic Health Expo: Lecturer “Holistic Dentistry and Your Immune System”

Citizens for Progressive Health Awareness: Guest Lecturer, Panelist

DAMS: Guest Lecturer, Panelist

Holistic Nurses Association: Keynote speaker “ How Holistic Dentistry Can Help Patients”

Fresh Fields; Kimberton Whole Foods; Essene: Lecturer “Holistic Dentistry and How Your Mouth Effects You”

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