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Take a Holistic Bite Out of Dental Visits  Four Sample tips below from Take a Holistic BITE Out of Dental Visits

Take a Holistic Bite Out of Dental Visits

49 Fine tune your bite.  You could be biting heavily on a new filling. Your teeth come together differently when you are in a reclining position and numb than when you are upright and chewing food.  A persistent trauma or interference such as a high filling, (no matter how small a change),causes inflammation within the tooth. Before your tooth becomes cold sensitive or even irreversibly damaged, go back to your dentist right away and get a bite adjustment.
50 Fasten a dislodged crown.  For a quick-fix, make a mixture of non-petroleum jelly and flour as a temporary paste for a crown that has come off. When you seat the crown on your tooth, bite down slowly and lightly into place until you feel that your bite is normal. Clean off the excess and stick to chewing on the opposite side of your mouth.Without delay, get an appointment with your dentist for permanent cementation.
51 Try not to be tacky. Caramels and taffy are great to pull off crowns,bridges or inlays. Crunching down on the loosened crown could damage the restoration and injure another tooth. You may not even realize that you swallowed the crown along with the candy. Stick to better snacks.
52 Prevent pop-ups. Pulling floss through, rather than snapping it out from between your teeth,can protect your crowns and inlays from dislodging or coming off. Save yourself money, time and aggravation from damaged or lost crowns by getting a loose restoration correctly affixed to your tooth sooner rather than later.

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