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OraMedica International, LLC is an independent health and wellness company that provides consumers and employers cost containing insurance strategies and health-promoting dental and alternative health information and resources.

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It is our strong belief that knowledgeable responsible life choices contribute to a strong immune system and preservation of health. In a spirit of respect for our freedom of health choices, we offer our readers the opportunity to learn about the dental connections to systemic health and alternative health care views that can play a role in longevity, happiness, and personal finances. In doing so, we hope to inspire you to not to get sick in the first place and make your own contributions to a healthier and more sustainable world. 


Meet OraMedica's Founders


Andrea H. Brockman, BSN, DDS is President of OraMedica International, LLC. She is a 1979 graduate of Temple Dental School and has her undergraduate degree in Nursing from Temple University. Dr. Brockman gained her extensive experience in healthcare as an Intensive Care/Coronary Care Nurse and later Geriatric Nurse Educator where she gained her experience working with both critically and chronically ill patients. She co-owned a Biological Dental practice in Philadelphia for 25 years with her husband, Dr. Vincent DiLorenzo, working closely with all healthcare providers in treating the dental needs of chronically ill and immunologically compromised patients.

Since 2003 Dr. Brockman co-founded OraMedica International LLC to help improve total health through knowledge of the dental connections to chronic disease, pain, obesity, and stress. She has published extensively on health-related topics including dental connections to health, health savings accounts, and cross-professional marketing. Dr. Brockman consults with health care providers and employers in helping to integrate dental-systemic concepts into their practices and wellness programs and foster integrative health relationships.

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Vincent P. DiLorenzo, DDS is CEO of OraMedica International. He is a 1976 graduate of Temple Dental School and for 30 years Dr. DiLorenzo treated thousands of patients suffering with chronic health problems with their surgical, restorative and TMJ requirements.
As a response to the lack of adequate health insurance for dental and alternative health care, Dr. DiLorenzo studied and became a certified health insurance agent so he could help health-conscious businesses and consumers optimize their medical coverage and contain costs of healthcare premiums.
Since the inception of OraMedica in 2003, Dr. DiLorenzo has worked to increase consumer dental -systemic health awareness, lower medical and pharmaceutical utilization, and provide access to researched natural health-conscious products and services.

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Both doctors have extensive post-graduate training in all aspects of dentistry and integrative health as well as health promotion. Their articles have appeared in professional journals as well as consumer publications. Dr. Brockman and Dr. DiLorenzo are the co-creators of “Take a Holistic Bite Out of..." dental health tips booklets and the HealthyGates Dental Resource Manual: a series of E-Book reference guides of dental products, procedures, terminology, and health links. They are strong advocates of consumer health education so that people of all ages can make informed treatment decisions and responsible lifestyle choices.


Drs. Brockman and DiLorenzo trained as master consultants with a national marketing firm and developed an automated patient relationship contact management program. They conduct seminars and workshops throughout the United States and lecture at professional association meetings.


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