Boost Health and Wellness and Reduce Health Premiums

Lower Your Health Care Costs

Put a Halt to the 164 Million Work Hours Lost Each Year Due to Dental Disease or Dental Visits!

Common dental problems can have a devastating impact on overall health and an already stressed medical system. Incorporating oral health education and dental risk assessments into wellness initiatives and disease management programs can  significantly impact medical expenditures for heart disease, migraines, obesity, diabetes, cancer, allergies, and pregnancy complications.

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1) "Reining in Runaway Healthcare Costs: A Dental Initiative for Improving Wellness in the Workplace"

2) "The Value of Dental Health in Wellness Coaching and Health Promotion" 

Three Wellness and Disease Management Initiatives for Successful Employee Dental Health Integration

  1. Employee dental education to understand the connections to overall health
  2. Facilitate dental care by helping to provide the means to pay for needed dental work
  3. Provide easy access to healthy product choices

1 - Education

a) PDF Employee Education Download (with links)

Take a Holistic Bite Out of Gum Disease

"Take a Holistic Bite Out of Gum Disease-60 Tips to Protect and Support Total Health"

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  • On memos to wellness directors and staff educators

Customize Hard Copies for Employee Distribution

View Sample Tips for Three Employee Dental Health Tips Booklets.

  1. Take a Holistic BITE Out of Dental Visits
  2. Take a Holistic BITE Out of Dentistry for Women
  3. Take a Holisitic BITE Out of Gum Disease


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"7 Secret Tips to Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy World"

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c) Consulting, workshops, e-books

Learn how to incorporate dental education and dental risk assessments to improve outcomes for management of weight, stress, smoking cessation and programs for chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, headaches, and pregnancy complications.

Wellness coordinators and directors of disease management programs may contact OraMedica to discuss the program best suited for your organization.

2 - Facilitate Dental Care

Save Thousands on Health Care Premiums and Help Employees Pay for Dental Care with Consumer Directed Health Care Plans

These insurance products can save you thousands of dollars and encourage healthier choices. They can even be used for dental expenditures.  But if you don't understand the benefits or how to use a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account for maximum benefits, you'll continue to pay sky high premiums for health insurance benefits and still not improve health.

Our experts in Consumer Directed Health Care personally help you understand how these health insurances really work to reduce health care insurance costs and increase your personal and company health and wellness.

3 - Easy Access to Health Products

Encourage Healthy Products Use

Healthy product choices not only help to increase employee wellness and reduce medical expenses for your company but also help your employees' families. When family health improves, so does workforce attendance.

Knowledge, choice, and value are important when incorporating health products into daily life. Give your employees access to a health-conscious site that provides detailed information about a variety of natural products and offers great prices far below retail.

Talking to Your Dentist about Snoring

Many people in the world suffer from snoring. It is a condition that affects anyone at any age, and any gender. Sometimes, snoring can point to a bigger medical condition that will need expert help in getting rid of. One such condition is sleep apnea. Certain conditions in the nose and throat can lead to someone to snore at night and unfortunately, they often do not know it, only the person sharing a room is kept up at night. If you find that you have been snoring and you think you may suffer from something, check with your dentist to see if they can help, with surgery or oral appliance therapy. Also consider alternatives to traditional cpap therapy eg. exercises for OSA treatments.

When you go to your dentist to talk about snoring, they may ask you a series of questions to determine just what your problem is. For instance:

1. Do you snore or have you been told that you snore?

2. Do you wake up during the night?

3. Do you have excessive daytime sleepiness?

4. Have you ever had a sleep study?

5. Do you have high blood pressure?

If they deem that you have an oral problem that leads to your snoring, they may suggest a few different fixes. Surgery is often a last resort, and many times, it is for people with severe problems. They could recommend that you use soft palate implants instead. Soft palate implants can be used to treat if it has been confirmed that the vibration of the soft palate is what is causing the snoring. Essentially, they will inject a soft material into your palate, which causes it to stiffen, giving you fewer vibrations. You may not even need something like that.

They can easily take an impression and fit you for a mouth guard that will keep you from snoring as well. It will all come down to the exact problem that you suffer from, and just how they feel that they should fix it. The main takeaway is that if you feel like your snoring is really getting in the way of you getting a good night's sleep, or in the way of your partner's sleep, you may want to consult with your dentist to see if a snoring mouthpiece like Zyppah or PureSleep may be used to fix the problem. Most times, with just a little mouth guard, or a small tweak in the mouth, you can start to live a snoring free life when you sleep.

Oral sex and Your Dental Health

People around the world engage in different oral sex acts all the time. It is a natural part of human sexuality, and frankly, people will not stop just because of any risks involved. One such risk that many people do not immediately think about is the risk it poses to your dental health. Because many things can be passed through saliva, it is important to take precautions to keep your oral health safe. And make sure you talk to your dentist to keep track of any unusual things happening in your mouth or your gums if you engage in oral sex often.

It may seem unconventional, but talking to your dentist about oral sex can actually save you a lot of trouble in the future in regards to your dental health and everything that applies. It was once thought that French-kissing and oral sex acts were safe to perform on someone who had AIDS. But, a recent study from UCLA and Drew University took oral tissue from HIV negative people and exposed it to the virus to see what would happen. It was found out that the virus was actually able to infect the tissue. Something else important is that the AIDS virus can be transferred through kissing if there are bleeding gums involved. And with 75% of the US population suffering from this, it can be a difficult thing.

To make sex more enjoyable, people resort ot oral sex. However, there are certain sexual male enhancement products to make sex better. Products like TestoFuel and body beast can also be tried.

You may not have thought that oral sex could pose such risks, but it also can affect the health of your partner if you do not have a healthy mouth. Women are more prone to yeast infections when they receive oral sex, due to all of the different bacteria being transferred from the mouth to the genitals. It is always much safer to use something when performing oral sex, as you do not want to spread anything unwanted throughout the entire body.

Even though oral sex was always thought to be safer, it poses some of the exact same risks as regular sex, except on your mouth and dental health. Your dentist is able to spot some symptoms that you may have that are actually STD related. It is important to take precautions so that should anything happen, you keep your mouth and your gums healthy. The CDC recommends people use condoms or dental dams when they choose to engage in oral sex. Just like any type of sex, it will protect against the risk of contracting an STD. TO increase your immuity, you can also try ketone drinks like Instaketones and HCG Triumph.

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